Tennis Ball Boy

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Be the best ball collector you can be


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Tennis Ball Boy is a game that has you collect tennis balls while avoiding bombs.

The controls are simple: your character moves wherever you tap on the screen. You'll automatically collect any balls that are in your path and your score will increase accordingly.

The tricky part is the bombs. You'll start out with just a few little ones in your way, but you'll eventually need to get around huge ones that block everything around them. If you get too close, they'll explode and the game will be over ... that is, unless you have a bonus - in that case you'll be invincible.

Tennis Ball Boy lets you exchange coins you earn for clothes to customize your character, along with powers that help during the game. The 3D design with few spacial reference points adds a certain amount of difficulty to the game, which makes it more interesting.

Requires Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4 or higher